Spanish Fortress

The Negros Oriental has vast number of tourist spots including the Spanish Fortress of Ayungon. During the epoch of Spanish expeditions, a fleet of ships by Ferdinand Magellan landed on the island of Cebu. It was not long after one of the Magellan’s fleet ships discovered a neighboring island where they found dark-skinned inhabitants whom they named Negritos. Following the discovery of the Negritos, the island was named Negros.

Revisiting the History of Ayungon

During the pre-Spanish era, Negros Island had quite a few towns, one of them being the Ayungon. The Ayungon date back to 1800’s where it was discovered by some religious missionaries. It was later annexed to Tayasan as a parish of the Tayasan church. In 1924, Ayungon was declared a separate municipality and was made a town on 12th of June, 1924 by Government General Order 31, section 9024.

Spanish Fortress Remains

The period following the discovery of Negros was marked by an aggressive invasion by the Spaniards. They erected a fortification at the mouth of Ayungon River.  Today, the remains of the Spanish fortification on the Tampocon II shoreline still stand due to aging. The Spanish fortress Ayungon, remain one of the sought tourist spots in the Negros Oriental that one cannot miss to visit.

Dumaguete to Ayungon

The Negros Island's gateway, Dumaguete City, will be our reference point. The journey starts from the Ceres bus terminal. To get to this bus terminal, you can ride a tricycle from any part of the city. Tricycle price is usually 10 pesos per person, special rides costs not more than 50 pesos. Once in Ceres terminal, take an Ayungon bus. With a distance of 81.7 kilometers, it will take an estimate of 2 hours to get to Ayungon. On arrival, you can board a Tricycle to the Spanish Fortress.

Spanish Fortress

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Spanish Fortress