Silliman University Library

Dumaguete City is not only a haven of unique tourist attractions but it is also a melting pot of intelligent students and individuals. Dumaguete City is known as a university town. Students all over the country flock to study and pursue their education and aspirations in life.

One of the major universities in City of Dumaguete is the 113 year old internationally recognized Silliman University. Named after a retired businessman and philanthropist Horace Brinsmade Silliman who in the beginning donated $10,000 to the Silliman Institute which later became the prestigious Silliman University. The college has been producing some of the Philippines brightest graduates who leave Silliman with degrees that allow them to compete for jobs globally.

Robert B. & Metta J. Silliman Library

Identified as one of the largest libraries in Asia, the Robert B. & Metta J. Silliman Library is a testament of the university’s international competitiveness. It aims to equip itself with updated materials, books, and facilities coupled with competent and responsive staff catering to the needs of the students.
Its vision is to deliver accurate, up-to-date, and reliable learning resources both in print and information technology. It is open not only to Sillimanians but for the local community as well.
History of Silliman Library

Great things start from humble beginnings. The Silliman University Library started with only two bookcases in one small room located in Silliman University Hall (SU Hall). The SU Hall was the very first building on the college campus and is now considered a historical landmark. The library grew steadily as alumni and influential friends made generous cash and in-kind (books and other facilities) donations to the library.

The Silliman University Library Today

As of today, the library now holds over 10,000 volumes of books covering various subjects and disciplines. The building is has three floors. The first floor consists of a Sillimaniana Collection section which housed the memorabilia of past university presidents of the school. The American Studies Resource Center (ASRC) is a special section of which focuses on current events and includes periodicals about the United States.

The second floor is where the circulation section is located. This section is where you will find  the encyclopedias, books covering various courses and degrees, novels, and other course related materials. The Silliman University Library Office is also located on the second floor and small rooms and cubicles conducive for group studies can be found there as well.
The third floor an extension of the reference section from the first floor and is home to more than half of the floor is where you will find the periodicals section which is updated almost everyday. Journals in various subjects, local and international magazines, newspapers, reader’s digest and other periodicals dated way back in the 1980s can also be found here. The theological section is also located on the third floor as well as the acquisition section.

How to Get to the Silliman Library

Silliman University is located right in the heart of Dumaguete City at the north end of Rizal Boulevard near the main boat terminal. It is accessible by any type of vehicle and public transportation. In order to enter Silliman University one has to present a valid identification card to be allowed inside the university’s premises. Oh and if you are on a scooter don’t forget your helmet as they have a strict helmet policy for those on motorcycles. 

Silliman University Library

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Silliman University Library