Sidlakang Negros Village

The Sidlakang Negros Village is among the top tourist  destination in Dumaguete city. It is popularly known for its fine arts, crafts and delicacies. Most tourists visiting Negros Oriental receives a warm welcome with its finest souvenir objects from different parts of the Island. The village was established to encourage cultural heritage preservation and success within all the 25 local government units of Negros Oriental.

What To expect
The Sidlakang Negros Village offers a stable platform for trade and tourisms. It houses an open-air theatrical auditorium used for different cultural performances. Eye catching cogon and bamboo decorated concrete stalls lies at the front view providing a traditional appearance. Within the village, each of the 19 municipalities and 6 cities of Negros oriental have a space to display their selected tourism asset, investment prospective , agricultural goods, fine arts and services. Additionally, top manufactures  and capitalists within the province gladly air out their goods and services in this village while offering  a variety of tokens and useful information to tourists. Souvenir items are also availed at affordable prices.
The Sidlakang Negros Village can be located 50 metres off the Dumaguete-Sibulan National Highway  by taking a right turn to E. J. Blanco Drive, in Piapi Barangay (village) of Dumaguete city. With a few minutes' drive from the city center, the welcoming natural surrounding gives an ultimate break off from the city life. The delicacies and the fresh air in this uncontaminated village takes off all the worries while showering travelers with comfort.
Travel Directions to Sidlakang Negros Village

Depending on your current location or entry point to the city, there are many ways to get to Sidlakang Negros Village.
From the airport - Take a taxi or tricycle for a 2.5 kilometers ride to the south east along the National highway. While heading towards the city, take a left turn to E. J. Blanco Drive. The junction to this drive is around 100 meters from the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital. The village also neighbors Provincial Tourism Office and the Hall of Justice.

From Dumaguete Seaport- A 1.5 kilometers ride northwest of the port will get you to the destination . Heading right after you exit the port drive along the beach. The road will end at a left turn to the lower part of E. J. Blanco Drive. Drive straight ahead (do not take any turn at the cross-roads). A kilometer ahead, the National Highway will be around 50 meters ahead of you, at this point,  the destination is at your right.

Travel Means

From any part of the city, it is easy to find a tricycle to the destination. A ride costs 10 pesos per passenger, however if you are far from the destination or intend to take a special ride an additional percentage may apply. With the additional fee, the total amount will still be less than 30 pesos. For a taxi, the fare can be less than 100pesos.
Visiting Hours and Contact Details

At first when this village was established, it used to have nine business hours, that is, from 9 O'clock in the morning to 6:00 pm. However with time, a proposal to extend the closing time to 10:00 pm was approved and posted in the official website of Negros Oriental. Additional information and inquiries about the place can be made to the Negros oriental tourism office with the land lines (035) 226-3105  and  (035) 422-4168.
The village is incomparable to any other souvenir shop in the country ranking top among such shops as the Aproniana in Bohol, Boracay Souvenir Shops, Cheding in Iligan. To appreciate the creativeness and artistic works of the Negrenses, vising Sidlakang Negros village is highly recommended to Tourists and travelers within the province.

Sidlakang Negros Village

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Sidlakang Negros Village