Provincial Capitol of Negros Oriental

After travelling through the beautiful Negros Oriental's terrain with rolling hills and mountain ranges, it is time to appreciate the Greece architecture as you take a fresh breath in the Dumaguete City's Freedom Park. The Provincial Capitol, facing the park, was erected in 1924 by the American government which at that time was colonizing the Philippines. The capitol houses most political offices within the province of Negros Oriental; the Governor's Office being the biggest office in place. The provincial government also has its offices within the building. For humanity students, architectural researchers and tourists the welcoming Ionic columns and the Grecian bodies sets your mind rolling back to history. The capitol's architecture bears a resemblance to that of the American Capitol.

Negros Oriental History

During the colonial era, the American colonial government appointed Architect Daniel Hudson Burnham, who was at that time the acting city planner, to design what is now the provincial capitol. The old provincial capitol was the current Serafin Teves residence at Rizal Boulevard, Dumaguete city. During that era, Grecian architecture was dominant, in fact, the style was evident in most parts of the country. The strong links with classical belief and democracy is believed to have contributed to the popularity of this architectural style. The style was flexibly authorized for all building stages whether low or High. The US aspired to extend the style to all its colonies. Other examples of buildings that embraced the Grecian architecture include: the Post Office,  the National Museum and the Tourism Department, in Manila City. Similarly, Other Provincial capitols erected with this style are found in Negros Occidental province, Leyte and Cebu.

Democratic Implication of The Capitol's Architectural Design

The strong structural design of the building stands for strength and stamina which are the foundations of any successful government. The white painted walls represents purity, peace and transparency that should always be held on to. To sum up, the Provincial Capitol takes us back on a historical tour to colonial past and reminds us the principles of democracy. The architectural design honors Greece which is the democracy's place of birth.

Provincial Capitol of Negros Oriental

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Provincial Capitol of Negros Oriental