Mabinay Spring

Located a mere 87 kilometers away from Dumaguete City is the cave capital of the Philippines. Mabinay also happns to be the second largest town in the province of Negros Oriental. Located roughly in the central part of the island, the City of Bais is located just a 30 kilometers southeast. Bindoy and Manjuyod municipalities and a portion of Bais in the east are neighbors as well the adjacent provice called Negros Occidental to the north and west.

Mabinay is best known nationwide for its over 400 caves but this is not all Mabinay has to offer.  It is also a great place to enjoy many natural hot springs, beautiful streams, and spectacular waterfalls.

One of the more famous resorts is the Mabinay Spring Resort. Locals consider this spring the towns greatest treasure. Who wouldn’t? Aside from a giant swimming pool, the spring has been relatively untouched for centuries and is the main source of potable water since ancient times. The water is crystal-clear and cold as ice which makes it all the more ideal for visitors who broke a sweat while spelunking in nearby caves. It is shaded with century-old trees and perfect for recreational venue for family and friends. Activities include kayaking, swimming and other exciting water activities. A zip line has been installed over the Spring for travelers that are looking for a bit more adventure.

Nature-lovers will surely be astounded on the journey from Dumaguete City up the mountain to Mabinay. Driving under the shades of towering trees which are centuries old and the long and winding road that Mabinay is known for. Aside from this, since the place is located uphill, it has the most wonderful views of the City of Bais down below including the ocean fronting the island. The drive up also has great views of neighboring island including Cebu and Siquijor islands.

Mabinay Spring Rates

For those guests looking to stay overnight cottages good for 5 people cost only P700. Kayaking cost just  P50 an hour. For inquiries, you may contact 639175766702.

How to Get to Mabinay Spring

From Dumaguete City take the Ceres Bus bound for Bacolod which is located at the Bus Terminal located on the National Highway just before getting to Dumaguete Robinsons Mall. It's a bit of a journey but those feeling a bit more adventurous can also rent a scooter for a few days and take the journey at your own pace. We suggest breaking up the trip up to Mabinay with a stop in Bias. There is a great hotel in Bias City to stay overnight called the La Planta Hotel.


Mabinay Spring

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Mabinay Spring