Looc Memorial Shrine

Human history is forever haunted by the nightmares brought during the World War II. The Looc Memorial Shrine is a tribute to the pain and suffering of this war as countries from all parts of the globe participated in a brutal blood-shedding and people-slaying-spree. The sounds of gunfires, howling cries, and gnashing of teeth are repeatedly portrayed in movies to give us a glimpse of horrible dark nightmare.  Until now, relics and remnants of that frightful event that took place ages ago are still evident as a reminder of what it takes to attain not just freedom but power.

The island of Negros Oriental (“Buglas” at the time) participated in the world-wide phenomena on October 11, 1942.  This is when Japanese first fought against independent Guerilla units made up of brave Filipino partisan groups.

This historical event was marked by the Looc Memorial Shrine located in the heart of the municipality of Sibulan, the next town north of Dumaguete City. Moreover, the town made it an annual event and some even reenact to remember the brave Filipinos who fought for our freedom.

The Town of Sibulan - Negros Oriental

Nowadays, the Looc Memorial Shrine is part of the many tourist attractions that the island of Negros Oriental offers to its foreign and local visitors. Sibulan, aside from its natural wonders such as the famous twin lakes it is also where the Dumaguete Airport is located.

Sibulan with the land area of 62.93 square miles of 163 km and a population of over 51 thousand as of 2010 is the hometown of most piers and sea ports from Negros Oriental going to Cebu Island. It has also a handful of historical attractions. Such as the monument in front of the city hall, the Ramon Magsaysay a former president of the Philippines who died in a plane crashed in Cebu. And just across it is the Sibulan Park where one can find several monuments of important persons in the history of the Philippines.

Aside from these historical attractions, Sibulan has a fair share of island’s treasure. It has two small Marine Protected Areas with beautiful colorful coral reefs. One is in Agan-an and the other is in Cangmating. It has several beach resorts which are mostly flocked by family during Sundays.

How to get there

The town of Sibulan is very accessible from Manila and Cebu since the ports are located within the premise of the town. From Dumaguete City, anyone can hire a public transportation which would cost as low as PHP 100 since it is right next to the city. However, if you wish to take the multicab, the terminal is located right beside the Building III, Dumaguete Public Market. The fare is PHP 10

Looc Memorial Shrine

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Looc Memorial Shrine