Lake Balanan

Deep in the mountains surrounding Siaton is the freshwater lake, Lake Balanan. Siaton is found at the far southern tip of Negros Oriental in the Barangay Sandulot. This is full-day trip for travelers using Dumaguete as their home base, but the great resorts and amazing scenery make this well worth staying a few nights. Mountain streams feed the cool freshwaters of Lake Balanan: Banlanan creek from the middle, Lamarao from the northeast, and Nasig-is from the northwest.

Lake Balanan is relatively new and is the result of an 6.8 magnitude earthquake in the 1920's. The sheer scale of this quake caused massive landslides that ultimately formed the figure eight shaped reservoir. Shortly after, locals drawn by abundant fish and clean waters began to form small villages in the surrounding hillside. Tourism to the area wasn't particularly established here until a 1990's push to promote eco-tourism.  

Game Refuge and Wildlife Sanctuary: The remote mountain scenery is really the draw at Lake Balanan. In 1987 a sanctuary was proposed to protect the eco-system for a number of specices of bats and birds. The Bureau of Forest Development currently manages the area as part of a declared Watershed Area.

Lake Balanan Activites

Once a remote moutain lake travelers now a chance to relax poolside in this remote mountain setting. There is also a full-service restaurant, tree house, and cottages dotted along the lakeside. Lake Balanan is a perfect spot for outdoor lovers looking to take a hike on one of pathways that surround the lake. There are also boat rides, fishing, and kayak rental available. This is a great picnic spot with several cottages available for groups looking for a relaxing way to spend the day.

Directions to Lake Balanan

City of Dumaguete to Lake Balanan:  Lake Balanan is located in Siaton about a 45 minutes or an hour bus ride to Siaton from the City of Dumaguete. Once in Siaton you'll need to travel about 5 km north to Lake Balanan.  Private car or motorcyle is the most popular way to Siaton and the surrounding area for locals of Dumaguete.  However, for travelers new to the area there are a number of private companies available to help.  The Ceres busses to the area are frequent, however, you'll need to organize transportation from the Siaton stup up north to the lake.

Lake Balanan

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Lake Balanan