Church of Saint Agustin of Hippo & Pipe Organ

The Church of Saint Agustin, one of the oldest church and among the key tourist spots in Bacong, is listed ad a national cultural treasure. The church was built in 1865 and lays claim to the tallest bell tower on the island.  Something quite rare at churches here in the Philippines is also on display, the Hippo Pipe Organ.

The Bacong Bell Tower

The Church of Saint Agustin is the biggest church in town. It is protected by the National Museum Act 4846 of November 05, 2001. Its tower is also an attraction of its own kind and houses a number of religious vestiges in its museum. The bell tower is made from coral stones blocks whilst its façade being concrete and contemporary design stones.

Saint Agustin Pipe Organ and Grotto

The pipe organ was built on 28th August, 1962 inside the parish of Saint Agustin of Hippo Church and remains a major attraction to travelers visiting Bacong. The outside concrete seats grotto are also a great place to take in the shade and cool ocean breezes.  Photographers will love the textural elements of the church with plenty of opportunities to capture the light as it trickles through the canopy of acacia trees above.

An Emblem of Religious Standing

The church saint Agustin was an influential scholar, a bishop of the present day Algeria, a theologian and a Latin philosopher of the Roman Empire. A part from being among Bacong tourist spots, the church of Saint Agustin remains an emblem of religious standing. People from the neighboring Dauin and Valencia visit the church to pray and seek miracles.

Church of Saint Agustin of Hippo & Pipe Organ

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Church of Saint Agustin of Hippo & Pipe Organ