Aquino Freedom Park

Right in the heart of Dumaguete City, just across one of the universities in town is the Ninoy Aquino Memorial Park. It is the perfect place to rest after a tiring day of exploring the beauty Dumaguete City has to offer. With its lash green grasses and beautifully landscaped plants you can find tranquillity amidst a bustling city. It is surrounded with century-old acacia trees with flower borders and benches on each corner.  A wide space planted with green grass is home to many events with the Aquino Stage as the focal point.

Commonly known as Aquino Freedom Park, the park is named after a prominent politician Ninoy Aquino Sr. was assassinated in 1983. He was a senator who criticized the regime of President Ferdinand Marcos and who chose non-violence to reveal the injustice practices of the powerful and notorious President. His death became a major turning point of Filipinos in their struggle to attain freedom and liberty. Freedom Park and places all over the country are named after him because of this. Right behind the park is the Provincial Capitol Building and the Legislative Building.

Every so often, the park is used to hold special events of the province such as the famous Buglasan Festival which is an annual event that falls in October. Everyday you will see different activities as it is in between two of the biggest schools in the province: Negros Oriental State University and Negros Oriental High School. You'll find students of the colleges using this as a hangout place. There are others who are going for a jog, bringing their children to play, walking their dogs, and some are just relaxing and inhaling the fresh air from the acacia trees. The Aquino Freedom Park is a family-friendly park thus alcohol is highly prohibited.

Other than big events such as the Buglasan. There are also other smaller events like highschool dance, band, and singing competitions where schools from all over Negros Oriental come to participate

It is right in the heart of the city one will never have a hard time finding this treasure. It is very accessible by public transportation or any other transportatio and is less than 20 minutes from the Dumaguete Airport. 

Aquino Freedom Park

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Aquino Freedom Park