Lake Balanan - Siaton


Take a tour of Lake Balanan in the moutains just North of Siaton on the Southern tip of Negros Oriental.  This pristine setting is a favorite of travlers and locals alike, known for it's well maintained pool, restaurant, and picnic cottages.  This area is managed as a watershed area so you'll get an opportunity to see wildlife you would otherwise not be able to see in unprotected areas.

It takes about an hour to get to Lake Balanan from Dumaguete by private car or motorcycle.  There are also a number of busses that travel from the main bus station in Dumaguete to the area.  Once in Siaton you can arrange with a local trike driver to take you the rest of the way.  Be sure you get your driver's cell number.  Getting back from Lake Balanan can be harder than getting there, but with a view like may never want to leave!