Silliman University Archery Range

Established in  1901, Silliman University is the first American university in the Philippines and in Asia at large. The school offers a variety of world class courses and has benefited both local and foreign students. The University is well equipped with co-curriculum activities. It has different sport events and wide practice grounds for the same. Some of its facilities are a Swimming pool, a Soccer and football field, an archery range, volleyball, lawn tennis and basketball courts and an open field for track and field events. Both the students and the locals benefit from different athletic courses offered by the school.

Silliman University Olympic Connection?

Recently, three Olympic contestants representing the Philippines came from the Silliman archery. In the latest Beijing Olympics, ranked 132 and 133 Mark Javier, a Sillimanian, single handedly represented the country in Archery. Jennifer Chan, a gold medalist in the 25th SEA Games, Lisa Ygnalaga and Simeon Toribio, a long jumper, are other Philippine Olympians trained at Silliman.

The University has been showing up regularly on different tournaments and competitions; UniGames (Philippine University Games ) and the PRISAA (Private Schools Athletic Association) being the major events. Silliman university natures varsity teams and exposes them to different tournaments and competitions. A red and white Stallion which is their sports flag often shows up on their cheering squad's banner.

Archery Classes

Archery is a game full of fun. If you have been thinking of enjoying it, the time is now. Are you planning to spend your leisure time as an Archer? Silliman University opens its doors to offers Basic archery lessons. Inquiries can be made from the Silliman University Physical Education Department. Your summer vacation can be spent on a bow and arrow provided you plan ahead. If you are worried about where to stay, the university dorms are nearly vacant over the summer and off-school seasons.

Silliman University Archery Range

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Silliman University Archery Range