Ang Tay Golf Range

Located right in the heart of the City of Dumaguete this is what makes Ang Tay Golf Course a top choice of locals and visitors. Aside from its beautifully landscaped terrain, it is very accessible from the city proper and just five minutes away from the Dumaguete City Airport. 

About Ang Tay Golf Course

With an overall total of only 9 holes you play it twice to get in a full 18 holes. Overall the golf course is relatively flat. Its perfect for neophyte players who wants to practice playing on a more forgiving layout. The course stretches a total of 3200 meters or 3.2 kilometers. Some of the holes are very complex and tricky which are more of a challenge for more advance players. The golf course has 3 relatively easy holes, 3 not-so-challenging holes and 3 difficult holes for players to enjoy. The golf course is also known for having  lots of water and ponds that make for a challenging hazards which distinguish  Ang Tay from the other Negros golf courses. 

Fairways are made up of different kind of grass and are very narrow increasing the difficulty and makeing it very challenging off the teebox for golfers. The greens are perfectly manicured Bermuda Grass that are very soft on the feet and better for the ball to roll on. 

The Clubhouse

After a tiring and long day of playing golf, guests can relax and enjoy refreshments at the Ang Tay Clubhouse located adjacent to the golf course. They serve from mere refreshments such as coffee, juice and snacks to heavy meals and desserts with a long list of menu to choose from. Dine and experience the best cuisines in Dumaguete cooked to perfection by the master chefs.

Other Special Events

The Ang Tay Golf Course is not just limited to golfing and recreational activities, by request, other special events such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, are being held here. The place is a perfect place for parties especially for big gatherings. 

How to Get to the Ang Tay Golf Course

Since it is very near to the town, it makes transportation very accessible. It is along Bantayan Road going to St. Paul University. The fare is 10 PHP if you opt for a pedicab. 

Ang Tay Golf Range

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Ang Tay Golf Range