Legend of Mabinay


Part of what makes Mabinay so special is the rich traditions and local folklore that has been passed down through the generations.  This is a tale that tells the story of the creation of Mabinay Springs and the rivers that cut through the hillsides of this mountain town.  The story revolves around a love story between the son and daughter of rival chieftains. Binay, the daughter of Datu Ilog, serves as the Juliet in this story.  Binto, the son of Datu Namangyan, is our brave Romeo.

Binto came across Binay bathing in the river while he was out hunting a wild deer.  From the moment they met the two young rivals fell in love.  Because they knew their fathers would disapprove they had to keep their love secret.

Their secret was exposed when Binay's father began noticing changes in behavior with his love-struck daughter.  Datu Ilog decided to follow his daughter and caught her and Binay red-handed. 
Regardless of Binay's pleas to spare Binto's life, her enraged father struck Binto with a spear to his chest.  Instantly upon his death in this blood-soaked ground the springs of Banintohan began to flow.

Filled with the grief of her lost love Binay runs away from home.  Overcome with emotion Binay runs wildly through the hillsides unsure of where she was going. Mother Earth sees Binay and takes pity on her broken heart and swallows up Binay.  It's said that the tears of Binay to this day are what fill the spot of Binay's last moments.  This spot they can Mabinay Spings.

Binay's father went looking for his daughter and came across Binto's father, his rival.  Binay's father admitted to killing Binto.  Instead of retaliating the two grief-stricken fathers joined forces.  Mother Earth was still not happy with what this feud had caused so she swallowed up Datu Ilog and Datu Namangyan in the place they met.  This is now the location of where the Ilog River and Namangyan River join.

NORSU Mabinay - Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

The video below from a group of local students studying for Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management.  The creativitiy of the students really shines in this production as they re-enact the legend of Mabinay.  Most of the video stays close to the traditional story-telling and is told in a mix of Visian and English.  Non-native speakers will have no problem following along.  The times when the film strays from the traditional will give you a chuckle.  My favorite was the random disco dance off a few minutes in and the ending complete with anime plasma balls shooting from the rival Datu's hands.