Scuba Diving Sites - Dumaguete City

What do local and foreign guests get from a visit to a country composed of 7,107 islands? Internationally-acclaimed dive spots! The Philippines thrives in its astounding and unique dive spots in every corner. May it be in Luzon, Visayas , or Mindanao, one can surely find a gem in every region waiting to be discovered.

The island of Negros Oriental is no exception when it comes to natural marine sanctuaries and scuba diving spots. In fact, one of the top scuba diving spots known around the world Apo Island is located along the southeastern edge of the island of Negros. The island (Negros) has over 100 registered and known dive spots and each municipality has something to offer its guests whether it is an ocean adventure or a mountain escapade.


Apo Island

A long walk along Apo Island's white pebble sand beaches and interesting rock formations will no doubt delight your senses. The spectacular coral reefs underneath the surface and abundant marine life are just a few of the natural attractions that can be found on this small island recognized globally as one of the best scuba diving spots in the world.  

Apo Island Diving Spots are home to 450 unique coral reefs and 2,500 fish species. It is also known as one of the best managed reefs in the Philippines.

Apo Island Dive Resorts and overnight stay inns are available for both families and backpackers. It is accessible through any public transportation. The bus terminal for Dauin is located beside the Dumaguete City Fruit Market. From Malatapay sea port, bancas and small boats are waiting daily from eight in the morning to four o’clock in the afternoon daily.

The Municipality of Dauin

Amongst the twenty five cities and municipalities in Negros Oriental, Dauin is the richest and most affluent when it comes to scuba diving spots. In each corner of this coastal town, beach resorts and PADI centers are everywhere.

The municipality of Dauin has also established four marine sanctuaries – Mainit Sanctuary, Luca Sanctuary, Dauin Sanctuary, and Masaplod Sanctuaries. These four sanctuaries are offering a huge variety of marine life and life forms.

The town also has mountain resorts and the famous Lake Balanan if you opt for an adventure in the hinterlands. It is also the starting point of many Mt. Talinis excursions.

Dive Dumaguete

You’ve never fully experienced the intoxicating spell of Negros Oriental without strolling along the streets of its capital city, Dumaguete City. It is the show window of Negros Oriental and is a perfect place to find food and drinks after an extreme outdoor adventure.

Restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, movie theater, universities and historical attractions are amongst the places waiting to be explored.

But this is not all…

Recently, the City of Dumaguete in partnership with the Tourism Office and the Mayor's Office opened the Banilad Marine Sanctuary dubbed Dive Dumaguete located in Barangay Banilad 15 minutes away from the heart of the city. The first reserved marine sanctuary in this side of the island. It is no different from Dauin Marine Sanctuaries – peculiar coral reefs, unique endangered species and other colorful marine life.

The island of Negros is a short one hour flight south from of the Philippine capital of Manila. One thing that separates Negros Oriental from other regions in the country is that almost every tourist attraction and destination is accessible by public transportation. Visitors can experience both ocean and mountain adventures all in a single day which makes it more fun in Negros Oriental. 

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