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Frolicking on the beach and chasing the gentle waves as they crash against your feet is a fond childhood memory. With a small plastic bucket and shovel and no other materials except the powder-like white sand and chilly salt water, the beach has always been a great companion for a family outing. A remedy for the broken hearted, an antidote for the busy people looking for solitude, and a comfort to some questions in life we never seem to find the right answers to.

Once you visit Dumaguete, the most unforgettable sight you will forever carry in your heart are the beautiful beaches within walking distance from all the other tourist attractions. One of the most famous of them is the Rizal Boulevard which is the show window of the city. It is said that this was the very place Philippine national hero Dr. Jose Rizal walked on the promenade and contemplated life before his martyrdom.

One will surely fall in love with its century-old trees lined up along the green grasses. The placid waters and the breathtaking view of the blue sky mirrored on the pristine waters.

Top Beaches in Dumaguete City and Negros Oriental

Sta Monica Beach Resort is just twenty minutes from the Dumaguete Airport. This beach resort is the perfect place for people who are visiting Dumaguete both for business and pleasure. The distance of the resort from the heart of the city is a huge factor why it should be on your top priority of choice. It has its own shuttle wherein you won’t have a problem going back and forth from wherever you need to be. You may be staying for a business trip however you can’t help but enjoy at the same time the natural environment as it is away from the noise of the city.

Tierra Alta Residential Resort was inspired by Mediterranean style and embellishment. Tierra Alta Residential Resort is just the right place for guests looking for a place literally away from the bustling noise of the world. At Tierra Alta all you can hear is the singing chorus of the cicadas and the endless flowing stream just down below. The all-white decorations and perfectly landscaped plants and grasses make this place all the more elegant and beautiful. It has a huge pool they call Aquatica which a welcome oasis for both kids and adults. There is also a spot for bonfire right next to the pool facility which is also great  for group outings.

Antulang Beach Resort is popular among foreign and local celebrities when they vist Negros. That being said, it is definitely a peculiar and exceptional beach resort in Negros Oriental. Situated in Siaton Negros Oriental, the resort is known for its unique villas with its own swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Not only is the resort elegantly designed for prestigious personalities it is also one of the most famous dive spots in the island. The distinctive structure and location of the resort makes it all the more one of the best resorts in the country.

Atmosphere Resort is another resort frequented by celebrities which is located just 20 km south of Dumaguete in Dauin, Negros Oriental. By the name itself, the resort offers the ultimate relaxation far away from the cares of the world. With uniquely built cottages, complete amenities and services, the resort also has scuba diving activities with PADI certified instructors and divemasters.

The island of Negros Oriental is just a short hour long flight from Manila. Once you arrive at the Dumaguete Airport all the tourist attractions and the best resorts in Negros Oriental are very much accessible by both private and public transportation at a very low cost.  

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