ATV/Motor Cross - Dumaguete City

There are a couple options that have popped up for those adrenaline high comes with the burning of dinosaurs and the zipping of engines as they race around the track.  The ATV and Motor Cross places available on this page have been set up to give experienced drivers challenging courses to compete with others on Negros Oriental.  These locations are also a great place for begining drivers an opportunity to gain some experience before they head off to off-road ATV and motor cross challenges the island has to offer.

Dumaguete Guided ATV Tours

There are a number of resorts in Dumaguete City that offer ATV tours.  If you are staying in Dauin you may want to take a look at what the folks over at the Aqua-landia Dauin Resort have to offer.  Their tour is a unique opportunity to get off the beaten path see part of the Philippines that many do not go to see.  The tour offered by Aqua-landia is a 4-hour excursion and includes all transportation, entrance fees, and equipment that you will need to get going.  This guided ATV tour costs P3,000 per vehicle plus an additional P500 if someone will be riding along.  You'll have a chance to explore the deep forests in the area and see some of the natural hotsprings that many in the area do not even know exsist.

Those wanted to get out and explore the moutains will probably be interested in on of the available ATV tours in Valencia.  The steep slopes and rocky terrain surrounding Valencia make it a perfect spot to get out there on a quad.  In addition to you private ATV tour operators in the area you'll also find a number of independent guides willing to show you around the area.

ATV/Motor Cross Videos