Aquariums, Zoos & Wildlife Parks - Dumaguete City

Dumaguete City is one of the best places to see some extraordinary wildlife both in zoos and aquariums. You will be able to see most creatures that jump, skip, and crawl across the land or swim underwater; you may be able to spot them in their natural environment too.

Bring your entire family and introduce kids to animals at the Silliman University Center for Tropical Studies which has rich and exciting animals that are worth checking out. It is right in the heart of Dumaguete City and walking distance from the famous Silliman University Campus.

The Center for Tropical Studies started in the 1960s; it has more than twenty animals and twenty-four plant species.

Another interesting sight is the Silliman University Marine Laboratory wherein you can find interesting marine species that are collected and preserved by the Institute of Environmental and Marine Sciences of Silliman University. Aside from fascinating aquariums and ocean species, visitors will also be given the chance to look around the marine laboratory.

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