Canlaon Road Trip to the Inland Resort


Ride along as through the twists and turns around Canloan located in the Northern most area of Negros Oriental.  This video includes scenes from the Canlaon Inland Resort and Oldest Tree, two of the most popular destinations in the area.

This is definitely a trip for those comfortable on a motorcycle. As you can see this video for the most part the roads leading up to the area around Canloan our well-paved but expect to share the road with semitruck's loaded to the top with sugarcane.  While the traffic in this area is nothing Metropolitan areas like Cebu or Manila you will be sharing the road.  But, as you can see the scenery that you will get to take him along the way more than makes up for any of these minor inconveniences.

You may want to skip ahead to around six minutes into this video where you start to see Mt. Kanlaon in the background as the group enters Canlaon for a quick bite to eat at the marketplace.  At around the seven minute mark in this video get to see the bumpy road leading up to the Canlaon Inland Resort.  

Canlaon Inland Resort

Up until now the ride has been quite smooth.  The road leading up to the inland resort is unpaved and will require some skillful navigation to get up the hill without any bumps or bruises. While this should go on said, please be sure to wear proper attire and of course your helmet. Long pants and heavy boots or shoes will save the day in the event that you hit a loose rock.

Nine and a half minutes into the video get a chance to see the steps leading down to the Canlaon Inland Resort.  There are a number of pools fed by the freshwater streams and geo thermal hot springs.  As you can see the inland resort is a great place for large groups and is quite kids friendly.  For those traveling with young children please note the number of steps leading down to the resort.

Oldest Tree

After a dip in the pool and Hot Springs the group heads over to the Canlaon Oldest Tree for a photo opp. The Balete Tree is estimated to be over 1,300 years old.  This tree has become one of the most popular tourist spots in the area with Filipino and foreign tourists comming to soak in great remote scenery and witness this unique natural wonder.  If you are traveling to the area with a local they will be sure to tell you to pay a respectful tribute to the spirits that inhabit the tree. As the story goes the spirits of the oldest tree can become angered.  It's best to play it safe and pay your respect to the local tradition.

Directions:  Canlaon Inland Resort & Oldest Tree

Canlaon Is a 170 kilometer ride north on the National Highway from Dumaguete and will take you 2.5 to 3 hours to drive straight through.  You may want to consider breaking this trip up into two days of travel with a stopover in Bais City where you can go dolphin watching or take a boat out to the Bais White Sandbar.  For those traveling on small motorcycles or scooters this is definitely the way to go.

Are you doing a loop of the island?  Canlaon less than a hundred kilometers from Bacolod as well.  Just take La Castellana Road south turn and left towards the Masulog Bridge.