Talisay Beach Park

There are a lot of breathtaking destinations in Negros Oriental Philippines. While you are in Dumaguete City, come and explore the town of Bacong. Despite the town being small this town has several quaint of the beaten path offerings like Talisay Beach Park and San Agustin Church & Pipe Organ. Be sure you don't miss out learning about this historical belfry and the Zaragoza’s pipe organ that originated in Spain. 

Why Visit Talisay Beach

Just a few strides away from the San Agustin church is the Talisay Beach Park. It is not reserved for a few! It is a public resort for all! The Talisay Beach Park is one of its kinds with a splendid panorama of the sprawling coconut grove, with nice rental cottages and tree houses available to rent. In addition to cottages for picnickers there are also overnight accommodations available at the Bacong Treehouse. The Talisay Beach Park also serves as the gathering point for many group tours of the adjacent Sinamay Weaving Center, NOAH (Negros Oriental Arts and Heritage) stone craft factory, and the Bacon church.

Directions From Dumaguete to Bacong

Located south of Dumaguete City, Bacong is roughly ten kilometers from the city. There are to main ways to get to Bacong.

Take an easy ride - There are easy rides operating the Dumaguete - Bacong road. A ride costs ten pesos. This trucks have a "face-me" sitting arrangement. Remember this easy ride is a public commuter service and usually ends its ride at the terminal. Once in the terminal you might have to take a tricycle or a short distance walk to the beach.

Take a tricycle - A tricycle, popularly called pedicap by the locals, is another option to take. This option is better than the easy rides because the ride ends at your destination. However it might be more expensive though not more than 50 pesos.

Talisay Beach Park

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Talisay Beach Park