Siquijor Beaches

Although it may be the third smallest province in the country both in terms of population and land area Siquijor Island is one of the most sought-after places when it comes to finding the perfect spot for a relaxing vacation. Foreign and local tourists find this secluded island at the top of their list of places to visit.

In 16th century, the island was named by the Spaniards “Isla del Fuego” or the Island of Fire because of the millions of fireflies that flame at night. Today, the island remains discreet in mystical tale. It is famous for its traditions of widespread myths of sorcery, supernatural phenomenon, and folk healing. Although most of the stories are just rumors, the island itself is bewitching in so many other ways. The islands true treasure is in the beautiful white sands and turquoise waters of these siquijor island beaches.  

Beaches of Siquijor Island

Salagdoon Beach which is located in the town of Maria to the far side of the island and can be reached through public transportation is a secluded siquijor island beach resort with clear blue waters and white sand along the shore. It is perfect for family outing and get together. The resort is famous for its small rocky hill which guests can climb to enjoy a better view of the whole beach and the corals which are visible because of its clear aquamarine colour.

Coco Grove Beach:  This Siquijor Beach Resort is located in the town of San Juan.  Coco Grove Resort beachfront stretches across 800 meters of white sand beach and crystal clear blue waters. It is one of the most famous resorts in Siquijor Island flocked by mostly foreigners who are looking for perfect getaway while enjoying a high-class atmosphere and facilities.

Salamangka Beach and Dive Resort  located in Barangay Buluhisan of Siquijor Island lies perfectly facing the beach and has one of the most beautiful views at sunset. The resort takes pride of their intricately designed cottages inspired by the famous “Balesin Island” which are unique compared to any other resorts in the island. They also have a huge swimming pool with warm lights underneath that glows during the night giving couples the perfect romantic atmosphere.

San Juan Beach in Poblacion has a long stretch of white sand beach and pristine blue waters from the Poblacion all the way to Barangay Solangon. The beach is perfect for those who are exploring with a tight budget. It is open to the public and it’s your choice whether to avail of one of the private beach resorts lining up along the shore. This coastline also has the most breathtaking view of the sunset.

Siquijor Island Beach in Poblacion is another public beach right next to the Siquijor Pier. It is open to the public and welcomes families for picnics. The beach has a few cottages, food stalls, and guesthouse for travellers from far places. During low tide, young people enjoy skin boarding.

Directions to Siquijor Island

From Dumaguete City Airport, one can charter a pedicab or any public transportation to take you to the Dumaguete Pier. There are several ferries bound for Siquijor everyday depending on the weather. Travel time is 1 hour by ferry and the fare is around 160 PHP.

Siquijor Beaches

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Siquijor Beaches