Manjuyod White Sandbar

The Philippines boasts some of the world's finest beaches, diving, and scenic beauty on its over 7100 islands. Among these great tourist spots across Negros Oriental lies Bais City and the Manjuyod White Sandbar. Although closely associated with Bais City because of its proximity, the white sandbars sceen on countless travel websites and magazines is under the territorial jurisdiction of the town of Manjuyod.  The Bais White Sand Bar is about 600 hectare inclusive of the area underwater. The submerged section is popularly called Sumapao Shoal. This site has been ranked among the top attraction sites in the Negros Oriental province.  Once you vist you'll know why.

Day Trips to Bais White Sand Bar

For all tours organized by the Bais City Tourism Council, the white sand bars provide a momentary anchor for boats used for whale and dolphin watching. This temporary stop allows tourists to interact with the natural beauty. Expect breath-taking views of the mountains of Negros Oriental, Cebu, and crystal clear blue water.   Some of the most common activities include:

Picnics and Sunbathing - During low tides the white sand beach provides an ample ground for sun bathing, beach games, and picnics.

Swimming and Snorkeling - The submerged part and the wide beach during high tides provides clear water which breaks your resistivity to swim.

Scuba Dive Spots - The waters neighboring the sand bar provides a great site for scuba divers.

White Sand Bar Tours

The Bais City Tourism office has great packages including boat rentals. The total cost of a boat per day is usually P2,500 and P4,000 for a group of 15 and a group of 20 respectively. The daily package starts with an early morning Dolphin/Whale watching at Tanon Strait.  Then you'll take a lunch break stopover at the Manjuyod White Sandbar and ends at the Bais Bird Sanctuary and mangrove park.

To book a boat, the tourism office of Bais can be contacted through: (035)541-5161 / 402-8174 or send a Fax mail to (035)402-8181.

Manjuyod White Sandbar

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Manjuyod White Sandbar