Lag-it Beach

Best known in Negros Oriental and in the Philippines for its sugar cane production, Bais City is one of the most beautiful cities in the province. The distinctive municipality has its major highway cutting through tall acacia tress before splitting the vast sugar cane plantations. The straight road through the rural cane fields stretches by around four kilometers where you'll drive through tunnels of acacia tree before coming in contact with the City's market Mercado de Bais. Strong Spanish architectural influences can be seen in both in the city outskirts and within the city. 

Lag-It White Sand Beaches

Bais in internationally know for it's amazing beaches and breathtaking views.  Lag-It Beach is great alternative to take a step away from stress and exhaustion for those who are not up for the Manjuyod White Sandbar and a full day out in the sun. This is a and a must stop while touring other some of the other tourist spots and is one of the most peaceful, scenic beaches in Negros Oriental.  Lag-it Beach presents its natural and relaxing environment in a superb seven kilometer stretch of white sand beaches that offers some great swimming and snorkeling opportunities, especially during low tides.  The powdered white sand forms a clear seabed during high tides and is easy on your feet.

Lag-it Beach is ideal for tourists aspiring to experience Bais City at its best. You can contact Bais Tourism Office for any inquiries or feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

Lag-it Beach

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Lag-it Beach