La Planta Hotel - Bais City, Negros Oriental


There are limited options when it comes to places to stay while in Bais City.  La Planta Hotel offers air-con rooms in a courtyard garden setting for P1,500 to P1,800.  Conveniently located in the center of Bais and close to the Capiñahan Wharf you'll find La Planta a great alternative to an early morning drive from Dumaguete if you are coming to town for a day trip to the Manjuyod White Sand Bar or for Bais dolphin & whale watching.

This video does a great job walking you through La Planta Hotel to give you an idea of what you can expect.  The lush tropical garden located in the courtyard of the La Planta Hotel services the focal point of this hotel.  Many of the room here include Front landings that overlook the courtyard with areas for guests to sit and dine en-suite.   Around the 49 seconds mark of this video you're taken to La Planta's pool.  This is great space to escape the heat we're just sit back and relax and enjoy the food and drinks served from the hotel's restaurant.

Then you taken upstairs and are shown one of the hotel's suite rooms featuring air-con, hot water, and mini-fridge.  Don't worry when you get to around a minute and a half into this video.  The sleeping foreigner does not come standard with these rooms.  You'll have to bring your own.

After the tour of the hotel room we are shown La Planta Hotel's full-service restaurant. Fast forward to 2:15 into this video to see hotels complete menu including prices.  Generally, items on the restaurants menu range between P150 to P250.  This is not a bad deal considering the limited dining options available in Bais.  As you can see from this video the restaurants main dining hall also serves as a function room for large group gatherings.

Not included in this video is information on available dolphin watching tours and trips to the Manjuyod White Sand Bar. While the hotel does offer a number of dolphin watching tours, budget conscious travelers may want to Book their own boat from the Capiñahan Wharf to save some pesos.  For more information on this hotel take a look at our complete La Planta Hotel Bais Review here.